A Start

I took my IPad out today, and started this drawing while waiting in the car. We were getting some wood from a collapsed barn. The intent is to make a floor from it. I’ve been pulling out nails, and my husband runs it through the planer.

This is the pile of wood a friend was so kind to give us.

This is after running it through the planer.


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9 thoughts on “A Start

  1. Nothing like a bit of hard physical labour to make you completely appreciate the finished result :). Your floor is going to be amazing with that lovely grain :)

      • I can imagine. When we were renovating here we had to chip up white ceramic tiles from most of the house. Whoever had stuck them down to the cement sheeting on the floor had used excessive glue for the job and we had to use small crowbars to chip away at each tile. It took 3 days of solid hard work and at the end of each day it looked like some sort of zombie masacre because the tiles would keep chipping off and cutting us because they were so sharp and we would just crawl into bed exhausted. Can’t say I miss those days! ;).

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