A Step into Nature and What is Natural

April 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

Saturday was clean up day for our county.  So, we took advantage by doing some clean up around here.  A friend brought over a trailer, and my husband and he worked together on both our place and his.  There were people at the unloading spot to take advantage of other people’s discarded stuff.  I’m not sure ours would be of use to anyone, but hopefully so.

Tulips at the Aboretum

Tulips at the Aboretum

I fixed a pretty healthy late lunch for us, a salad and lentil soup.  I throw everything into soups and salads.  They are vegan and mostly organic, so overall healthy.  Since lunch was late we weren’t so hungry for another meal but wanted something else.  Did you ever notice how husbands and wives after being together for a while have the same thoughts?  Sadly, we were both thinking MacDonald’s fries.  It’s been years since we’ve eaten anything at MacDonald’s.   My husband had his Ipad handy, so I said look up the ingredients for their fries.  The list cried out total GMO to us.*  We came back to our senses.  I thought I have potatoes, organic ones.  So, I got off my lazy butt and went into the kitchen.  The fries I made turned out great.  I sprinkled olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground mixed peppercorns, chili powder, and nutritional yeast on them and baked.

My Own Baked Fries

My Own Baked Fries

On Sunday we went beyond the natural wonders in our own back woods and explored The Arboretum in Lexington, Kentucky.  http://www.ca.uky.edu/arboretum/index.php  We have done two weekend Lexington trips in a row now.  I think we’ve pretty much used up our tax return on Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  On both trips I’m happy to say we took the opportunity to explore walking paths in Lexington.  On the first trip we took the 2.5 mile hike at Shillito Park.  It was a nice walking trail, but I much preferred the beauty of the arboretum trail.  The Arboretum trail with it’s sights along the way made the walk seem like it went by so fast.

Visiting other trails are often an inspiration for us for ways we can improve our own trail and property.  We have piles of saved up old lumber, barn wood, etc, that hopefully we will have a use for.

Me, Walking the Trail

Me, Walking the Trail

A Sculpture Along the Trail

A Sculpture Along the Trail

Walkway, and Possibility for Our Own Trail

Walkway, and Possibility for Our Own Trail

Carving, Another Possibility

Carving, Another Possibility


*McDonalds FRIES are cooked in genetically engineered oil. Prepared in vegetable oil (Canola oil (85% gmo), corn oil (85% gmo), soybean oil (90% gmo), hydrogenated soybean oil.  From:  Millions Against Monsanto by OrganicConsumers.org

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  • narf77 says:

    McDonalds fries make you glow in the dark ;). Steve and I were only talking about McDonalds (his old favourite) and Hungry Jacks (Burger King over there…my old favourite) and saying how we really loved them BUT… what is it that they put into those burgers to make a vegan of 17 years still want to eat one?!! We, too, are thinking up ways to beautiful Serendipity Farm on the cheap. We have lots of rocks…more rocks than anything else really (don’t swoon ;) ) and are going to start collecting them up and using them. I have a stash of used bricks in town just begging to be made into a pizza oven and lots of driftwood and teatree poles down in the teatree garden that could be made into rudimentary furniture and sculptures. All it takes is a bit of “getting off our own lazy butt’s” and “DOING” ;) I agree…these changing/bridging seasons are all about adapting to the next “strong” season (in your case summer, in ours winter) but it would be a whole lot easier to adapt if our own natural laziness could be stiffled for the season as its perfect for getting heaps done :)

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