3 Day Juice Fast

My daughter and I began a three day juice fast today.  I kind of started yesterday, but added salad and a banana into the mix.  It’s hard to pass up the sprouts I made.

The beginnings of my juice this morning.

The beginnings of my juice this morning.

Finished product - my husband's breakfast in the background

Finished product – my husband’s breakfast in the background

My daughter's morning juice

My daughter’s morning juice

Salad with sprouts

Salad with sprouts


9 thoughts on “3 Day Juice Fast

  1. I think the hardest part of a juice fast is the lack of chewing gratification. A salad with sprouts seems like an excellent, and reasonable, bridge for that gap. Enjoy! xoM

  2. I agree with Margarita. I follow another blog where someone has just finished a long juice fast and she said that the only thing that saved her bacon was the daily addition of a glass of nut milk. I guess soaked nuts that are processed are “sort of” juice?😉 Good luck with your juicing. It would be hard to have to make your husband his breakfast at the same time. I know, Steve is Omni, lucky I was vegan for a few years before I met him and wasn’t easily swayed😉

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