An Impressionistic Take on Our Overgrown Lawn

An Impressionistic Take on Our Overgrown Lawn

Today it must be yard work.  I woke up feeling yard work calling….exterior decorating.  While in meditation this morning the term interior decorating came to mind.

The yard had become a jungle while we were gone.  So, the first task was to mow, after a day of rest from the trip.  I so love spending time with my grandson, but a toddler can be exhausting.  And, I was totally exhausted.  I guess it was also all the walking and hiking too.  My daughter and I walked together the morning we left.  It was all I could do to keep up with her.

Yesterday I discovered the special effects that you can create on Iphoto.  Yes, after all this time I figured out a few things on the computer.


A Picture Taken a Few Summers Ago

A Picture Taken a Few Summers Ago

This picture reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting.

This picture reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting.


We have a day outing.  We take Wynn to the Remedy Diner.  He loves the fake crab, avocados and fries from my plate.  It’s all vegan.securedownload

Chris has the unreal hot dogs.securedownload-1From there we go to Pullen Park.
 He rides the train.20130523-091934.jpg

Before coming home it’s Starbucks where it’s time for a clothes change as well as fraps.  Wynn had orange juice, even though we texted a picture to his mom with Chris’s drink in front of him.  She freaked, exclaiming you are not giving him coffee!  No, we were just kidding.20130523-092049.jpg

After wanting to stay in bed for most of the day on Sunday I am revived to go see the new Star Trek movie.  Ok, clean off the porch is also on the agenda for the yard work.  The dogs had kicked a flower pot over while we were away.20130523-091953.jpg

11 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. The cat would really like you to continue thinking that “the dogs” did it but I can tell who the real culprit is…;) Kudos on the hard work and the solid time spend with that gorgeous little grandson (and on making your daughters heart stop…not an easy feat these days!😉 ). There is NO place like home:)

  2. Lovely child (and I would have sent that photo, too! Payback, I say!)
    The photo art is great; you’d have fun with Photoshop, I think . . . ~ Linne

  3. I so would have done the same thing with the coffee picture, but I do things like that all the time so my kids would never have believed I was serious. Toddlers are both fun and exhausting aren’t they?

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