Koi and Goldfish Pond

This is one of the things that has been taking up a lot of our time, and will conIMG_1261tinue to do so as there is always work to be done. It’s like doing laundry and mowing the lawn. And, last night the pump went out. Perhaps we expanded the pond so much it couldn’t carry the water load. I have hopes that the pump will be okay and work in the smaller pond in the back.

We wanted to get everything finished before our grandson arrived. Luckily, the pump was fine then. This is our grandson with me sitting on the upper part of the lawn over IMG_3144the pond. There are still some flowers starting to bloom, and we’ve added some more plants. The grasses will grow much taller. I would like to get it natural looking with various shades of green, with next to no maintenance. People have told me that isn’t possible, but anything is possible. Below are pictures from various angles. The building in the background is the building we also finished rocking. All of the rock for these projects come from our woods. One year we went to the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. It was a great inspiration for all of this. I’m thinking a tea house would be nice in the back, but then finishing the greenhouse is more important.


The Continuing Saga of the Pond

Once upon a time, there was this troubling spot right in the middle of our front lawn. It was a pesky patch of hill that just dropped off. It defied mowing. It was the sore spot of the lawn, like a giant pimple that wouldn’t go away. In my opinion it was troublesome for children, in that I felt it was dangerous.

One day I watched a little boy. Having a little girl, I wasn’t used to little boys. I had to keep telling him to quit jumping off “sore spot.” The whole situation was making me nervous. I told his father when he came to get him. He just laughed, saying he did much more dangerous stuff at home on his bicycle.

So, when my now husband came along, we dug up the rough patch of ground and planted a hillside garden. It was mostly clay, not that clay was a bad thing. I’ve heard that the Amish love clay gardens. Maybe I heard wrong.

But, we moved the garden later to another spot, another clay area. It did great there. Still, yet again, we moved it to richer soil. It didn’t do bad there, but there was not enough sun where we moved it. So, what do they say, the fourth time is a charm? We moved it again. We are in the process of building a greenhouse next to the garden, another continuing saga. Our projects are all continuing sagas.

Back to the eyesore patch of ground that was now a dug up piece of clay has been garden….well, we decided to put a pond there. I’ve lost track of all many years ago that was. If you scroll down my blog, you will see some pictures.

Last year, we finally thought we got it the way we wanted it, but we had dug beyond the clay, and there was a slow leak. So, this year, a complete overhaul was in order. We lined it. It took a mighty big liner. We’ve had to redo most of the rock work around it, and redo the waterfall.

Last night we worked until dark on the waterfall. The rocks are bigger than they look in the picture. I can’t believe my husband can lift them, but I’m thankful he can. Actually, some of the rocks on the pond were set in place by the tractor. I don’t know what the contraption is called that hooks on the back of the tractor, but there is a chain you can tie around rocks and carry them back. We make regular excursions into the woods for rocks. We have nearly rocked our entire house doing that.

There is obviously still more work to do on the pond. The black liner has to be covered. The walkway around the pond has to be finished. The things we’ve planted over the years are slowly blooming and should fill up the area behind the pond. We are working on just differing shades of green, easy and natural. We may add another waterfall between the grasses, which haven’t taken off this year yet.

This morning I saw the iris’s in bloom, and said hello. They said hello back with a spurt of their fragrance. 

IMG_1206Yesterday, it was warm enough to have lunch on the deck. I had a spiralized English cucumber with a dressing consisting of an avocado, sea salt, pepper, lemon juice, dill, and garlic.  



Waterfall and Pond

IMG_1176The pond in our front yard as been an ongoing project for many years. It started out small. Each year we kept expanding, saying this is it. Last year we thought we had it. But we got carried away and dug it out to far, beyond the clay. It kept losing water. We decided we had to break down and buy a liner. So, now redoing the pond is in the forefront again.

Last night I did a sketch on my iPad to give my husband some idea of how I thought the waterfall should look. This will require hauling more rock from the woods. I hope it ends up looking better than the picture.

The pond from the past:

The rock wall minus capping stones.
The rock wall minus capping stones.
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Ponds and Waterfalls




20130715-124720.jpgThese are pictures of our front pond.  On July 4th we began digging to extend it a little.  Our ponds are always evolving, hopefully not devolving.  Several years ago we saw the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.  That has always been such an inspiration.