Personal Writing Retreat

We live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wooded areas and nature. It is my personal writing retreat. In the summer I usually write out back on our deck. I hear the waterfall and birds as I write. This is our fish pond.


Feeding the Fish

On some days the fish are under ice and on others they are swimming around. The Koi are more sluggish during this weather, but the goldfish remain hungry. We’ve only recently discovered they will eat most anything. They seem to love the carbs such as bread and rice better than the fish food.

fish pond

Buddha and the Fish

On Saturday we went to Home Goods looking for a mortar and pestle, which we found. We also came home with Buddha, which we put above the waterfall. Feeding the fish breadcrumbs.2016-11-06-18-29-18 2016-11-06-18-30-59