Feeding the Fish

On some days the fish are under ice and on others they are swimming around. The Koi are more sluggish during this weather, but the goldfish remain hungry. We’ve only recently discovered they will eat most anything. They seem to love the carbs such as bread and rice better than the fish food.

fish pond

Koi and Goldfish

A picture of our fish pod changed by an application called Prisma – Love it!


The Joys of Warmer Weather

Enjoying the fish in the pond this morning. We still have some stuff to do on the pond, for instance, hiding the filtration box. The grass will probably do that in the future. I think we have the waterfalls the way we want them. The fish have been spawning.

We had breakfast on the deck this morning. Upon opening the umbrella for the first time this year on this table, we found a frog.


Koi and Goldfish Pond

This is one of the things that has been taking up a lot of our time, and will conIMG_1261tinue to do so as there is always work to be done. It’s like doing laundry and mowing the lawn. And, last night the pump went out. Perhaps we expanded the pond so much it couldn’t carry the water load. I have hopes that the pump will be okay and work in the smaller pond in the back.

We wanted to get everything finished before our grandson arrived. Luckily, the pump was fine then. This is our grandson with me sitting on the upper part of the lawn over IMG_3144the pond. There are still some flowers starting to bloom, and we’ve added some more plants. The grasses will grow much taller. I would like to get it natural looking with various shades of green, with next to no maintenance. People have told me that isn’t possible, but anything is possible. Below are pictures from various angles. The building in the background is the building we also finished rocking. All of the rock for these projects come from our woods. One year we went to the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. It was a great inspiration for all of this. I’m thinking a tea house would be nice in the back, but then finishing the greenhouse is more important.