A Peculiar School

I’ve never been much of a collector, but serendipitously I have been coming across animals, the ones I’m writing about. From left to right, Owen Orangutan, Ted E. Polar Bear, Filbert Fox, Hiram Hyena, Densworth Lion, and Ola Owl. This is not a children’s book, although a thirteen year old has read it and understood it. It is very much a hero’s journey type of book.

A Peculiar School, available at AmazonBarnes and NobleApple iTunesKobo or ask for it at your local bookstore.



Forest Bathing

For the last couple of days I’ve renewed my interest in our trails. The Japanese call it forest bathing or Shinrin Yoku. It’s healing to be out in nature, to walk along forest trails, to observe and become one with the earth.

I do believe what they say, “Location, location, location is true.”  My location is nature. It’s what truly inspires me and activates all of my senses.

On my walk I was greeted by this turtle. He or she peeked out for a picture. I always think of longevity when I see a turtle. A good sign for my first day back on the trail. The turtle also symbolizes determination and is slow and steady–all good things to consider if I’m to make a habit of daily walks and overcome my laziness.

One of the last things before ending my 1.7 mile walk was this redbud. At least I think this is Redbud. Please correct me if I’m wrong. It grows all over our hills.


Fall Trails

Out walking on our trail yesterday. Afterward saw The Girl on the Train. I read the book some time ago and only remembered bits and pieces, but the movie brought it back to me. My husband and I were the only ones in the theater. I guess Sunday night is the time to go to a movie.l1030709 l1030741



While making lunch yesterday, I peeked outside the kitchen window to see something curled up in the yard. I watched as it attempted to stand and fell back down. Our dog and cat were beside it, leaving it alone. Strange. Is that a baby deer? It was under the tree in the shadows. I went out to get a closer look. It stood up again and looked at me, coming nearer, I think, thinking I was its mama. It began wagging its little tail. I looked to see no grown deer anywhere around.

Thinking the mother must be somewhere near, I went back inside. A little later I looked back out. It was gone. So, after lunch, I went out on the deck (where I have move my office to). But, I kept hearing this sound. Sure enough, here came the fawn around to the back where I was.

After walking back and forth around the deck, it quit bleating and headed for the woods at the top of the hill. Hopefully, its mother heard it and came for it. I haven’t seen it today.


Sidetracked by Summer

I begin the trail in from our back yard.  This is our fish pond in back.
I begin the trail in from our back yard. This is our fish pond in back.

I tend to become missing in action from the world of blogging at times, particularly in times when the great outdoors calls.  In most instances it is just my backyard calling.  On nice days I even move my yoga mat outside to the grass.  But today it is raining.

I have been taking pictures intermittently while out on the trail.  Soon we hope to do a time lapse version.  After a good rain, which may be the case now, would be the best times as the creeks and waterfalls should be active.  Currently they are rather bland.  However there are pros and cons in both cases.  Dry creeks make rock hunting much more favorable.

Below are some trail pics and sights along the way.