The North Trail and Rocks

View at the beginning of the hike
View at the beginning of the hike


The North Trail, that is my name for one section of the trail.  It’s our newest section of trail, redone, with the tractor.  Trail work is a never ending job, so to make it easier, last year we rerouted one section of the trail where we could get the tractor through for easier maintenance.  Otherwise it is get out there with a weed eater at least a couple of times of year and a rake – it is slow going and hand blistering even with gloves.

I will admit that this is my first time out on the trail this year.  When the weather got cold I hibernated inside, well not totally.  We traveled twice since the new year to see our grandson, and worked on two grandiose house projects which totally

Some big rocks
Some big rocks

took every spare moment of time.

My muscles were sore afterward.  But, I decided that with the beginning of April that I would put in at least three miles of walking each day.  I found the trail to be in good shape after the winter rest.  There were only two trees down that had fallen across the trail, one of which will be nice firewood.  The weather was perfect for walking yesterday, and the sky was incredibly blue.  My picture taking skills are not the greatest.  My husband always reminds me that there is an editing feature.  The pictures taken here were done with an iphone, one of the older models.  I have resisted updating due to the cost.

Another outcropping of big rocks
Another outcropping of big rocks

Although I prefer lush greenness during a hike, this time of year is perfect for rock hunting.  I am rock crazy.  Luckily the supply never seems to end on our farm.  We have rocked a good portion of the house.  We use them for ponds.  We built a rock wall out front.  We still have two small buildings to rock.  And after that, possibly the barn.  We even rocked a floor for one section of the barn.  My uncle once asked if there were any rock left on Trough Camp.

While walking I was planning for our next rock gathering adventure which I hope we can fit in this weekend.  That involves hooking up the wagon to the tractor and loading it with as many as we can carry back.  And then there is garden preparation and planting also planned for this weekend.

Not far into the trail I grew tired of taking pictures.  That is my husband’s forte.

The following pictures will give you some idea of what we use the rocks for.

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The Wild Calls Lazily

The weather, this week has been very strange.  Yesterday I was able to lay in the hammock.  In the last few days we have had below freezing temperatures, but yesterday was almost a summer day.  I was able to lay in the hammock for awhile, after stacking firewood.  This morning we woke up to 70 degrees.  High winds, scary winds, came.  Then rain.  Then an eerie calm.

img_0162I wrote this several years ago during January when we were having blizzard conditions.

I asked my husband what season I am.

He looked intently for a while and said summer.

I knew he would say summer.

The Wild Calls Lazily

As Leo I came into the world, feet first, ready to run

Not roaring, but gently purring into the sun

When freckles are in full bloom

When grass smells it’s sweetest,

And forest’s foliage is at its thickest,

Its narrow path beckoning me into its den

Where creatures take comfort devoid of men

And in the openness ripe vermillion tomatoes hang on the vine

Ochre squash peaks through an umbrella as green as pine

Water trickles into a pond neighbored by parsley, peppermint and thyme

The buzz of a bee and swift hummingbird sprints

Amid a spectrum of hues and scents

Into my porch swing refuge race

All my senses they embrace

While the dogs and cat sleep lazily on

Outward I gaze watching the grass grow

Contemplating the mow

I wake from my dream to see from my window the snow.




Baby, It’s Cold Outside

full-3Only 12 degrees according to the weather report, which means it is probably about 5 degrees colder here since we are in a higher elevation area.  We don’t have a thermometer outside anymore but it always registered about 5 degrees colder here.

These pictures are from a hike on the farm on January 18, 2009.  Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.






I think this is one of the best pictures that my husband has ever taken.  We had been hiking on the property, and nearing the end of the hike we were coming upon the back side of the barn.  It was taken in October a couple of years ago.




I was recently honored with the Inspiring Blog Award from A Story Book World:

I started this blog as mainly a lesson in thankfulness – a lesson for myself.  I do, also, if possible, try to inspire others as well as myself.  Writing and sharing can be inspirational in itself.  Although this blog is about my own journey, it is also a connection to like-minded people.

Inspiration for me comes from what I term the “real world.”  By real world I mean the most pristine example I can think of – nature.  I’m one of those people who energize in sunlight and in the peacefulness and the solitude of wooded areas, and flowing water.  I’m also inspired by the true nature of humans, maybe what some would term as the soul.

Too often, the artificial world slips in and inspiration slips out.  The artificial world to me is sadly mostly the world we live in with so much technology, the world of egos, and the world of money.  It’s the things that without balance can reap havoc on the human spirit.  This existence on earth is an existence of duality in all things.  Balance is key.

This past weekend we visited the Abbey of Gethsemani near Bardstown, Kentucky.  It was a place of beauty and serenity. It was definitely a place full of inspiration.

I’m thankful for the inspiration found there, and I am also thankful my husband and I live in a place surrounded by nature.  Thanks, Deirdra from A Story Book World for finding my blog to be inspiring.



Wednesday Warm Up

Wednesday Warm Up I always consider Monday fresh start day, but in this case it is Wednesday. I refer to it as a warm up day due to residues of jet lag. I’m slowly approaching all those new things I’m doing – in most cases they are just what I took a vacation from. At the same time I hope to approach them with a new vigor and awareness.

We just returned from Lake Zaca Retreat near Santa Barbara, California.  One of its claims to fame is being the site where “Creature of the Black Lagoon” was filmed.  It was a rustic experience, but then I am used to rustic. There will be more on that later. We also got to spend some time in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey, also more on that in later blogging posts.

While away I basically disconnected myself from cell phones and Internet. In some cases it was my decision. But for several days it was due to the fact that in the mountains there was no cell service, and for part of the time no Internet service. We were stranded in nature, a good thing and a bad thing.  Needless to say, the post a day 2011, fell by the wayside.

Today, I’m back in nature, my own natural surroundings. The weather is beautiful. I walked out into our own woods with our black labs, Barney and Benka. Barney is enjoying the creek in the picture.

There was a brief hiatus from regular yoga practice, which I had kept up seven and a half months. I missed a few days due to travel. That will also start again tonight. And now on to one of those new projects – learning to make vegetarian gyros for dinner.

Right now I’m thankful to be home safe and sound.  That was iffy at times.